Biology of #UniLodz with Certificate of Educational Excellence

The Polish Accreditation Committee (PKA) has awarded more than twenty fields of study in the whole country with the Certificates of Educational Excellence. Biology at the University of Lodz is in this elite group! The field of study run by the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection, University of Lodz has received the certificate for the exceptionally important category for the University of Lodz – i.e. international cooperation excellence.


The Polish Accreditation Committee (PKA) awarded Biology with the certificate for both Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes. The Resolution of PKA says, among others:

Presidium of the Polish Accreditation Committee states that the above-mentioned study programmes have received a positive programme evaluation for 6 years, supported by good practices in the field of education quality or documented, regular achievements of students and graduates.

We are extremely proud of this distinction – says prof. Andrzej Kruk, dean of the Faculty – Internationalisation is one of the priorities of, both, the university authorities as well as academic community of the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection, also including students who join this process actively, appreciating benefits resulting from it. Creating a Faculty open to the world is our goal.  “Internationalisation strategy” elaborated at the Faculty is based on three pillars: mobility, openness and recognizability. Thanks to actions taken at the level of the three pillars we want to become better and better. By applying good practices in international cooperation we improve and integrate scientific and didactic spheres.

Prof. Maciej Bartos, Dean’s Representative for international cooperation explains that the whole evaluation team of PKA, which visited Biology in May 2019, underlined in the report that “scientific and didactic cooperation with foreign academic centres is dynamic and serves the purpose of implementation of the developed scientific achievements into the education programme". Numerous missions and research trips, realization and coordination of research projects within international teams, traineeships in foreign renowned centres and simultaneous engaging students in those actions are only some of the highly evaluated aspects of internationalisation.

The idea of implementation of internationalisation strategy can be also found in additional activities that develop appreciated in the world competence of students, among others, by their participation in international scientific conferences, lectures, workshops and courses improving practical skills, also these related to publishing and implementing scientific research results. As a consequence it makes it easier for students to find themselves on the labour market in the future, including also in the international environment – adds prof. Agnieszka Marczak, Vice-Dean of the Faculty and dr Agnieszka Wolańska-Kamińska, Dean’s Representative for education quality.

The current term of the Rector’s Board of UL is to be focused, among others, on strengthening relations with scientific units from all over the world and on increasing the presence of international researchers at our University. International Hub is to take care of that. It will start operating at the beginning of 2021. More about the mission of the unit soon. 

University of Lodz is one of the biggest universities in Poland. Its mission is to educate top-class scientists and specialists in numerous fields of humanities, social sciences, natural and exact sciences as well as health sciences. UniLodz cooperates with business, both at the staff level by providing qualified employees as well as at the scientific level, by offering its know-how to enterprises from various areas of economy. University of Lodz is an academic institution open to the world – the number of its international students is constantly growing, while its Polish students, thanks to Exchange programmes, get to know Europe, Asia and travel overseas. The University is a part of Lodz, it operates for and with the community of Lodz by getting involved in many socio-cultural projects. 

Source: The Polish Accreditation Committee (PKA), Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection, UL 

Edit: Promotion Centre, UL 



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