University of Lodz has introduced a dual career programme for the athletes who study at our university. It provides young contenders from #UniLodz with greater flexibility in planning classes, which allows them to develop their sports career without compromising the didactic process.



University of Lodz is a university open to athletes. We create opportunities that allow to reconcile professional sports activity with studying. The condition for joining the programme is documenting one's sports achievements and being a member of a sports club. From the first year of the programme, students covered by it gain the right to individual organisation of studies and holidays. They can also take advantage of free (or partly reimbursed) accommodation in the dormitories of the University of Lodz. Athletes are also entitled to cash benefits, including scholarships and allowances

– explains Prof. Robert Zakrzewski, the University of Lodz Vice-Rector for Student Affairs and Quality of Education.

The programme is available to students regardless of the level and form of studies. Students whose high sports level has been confirmed by one of the following may apply for admission to the programme:

  • Polish sports associations – in the form of current certificates of possession of an international master class in Olympic and non-Olympic disciplines
  • Polish sports associations – in the form of current certificates of national master class or first sports class in Olympic disciplines
  • foreign sports associations – in the form of current certificates of participation in the national team at the Olympic Games or Universiade, or World Championships (including academic ones), or European Championships (including academic ones), or obtaining places 1-3 in national championships

The athletes are included in the programme throughout the entire period of education (provided that formalities are completed) but can voluntarily withdraw from it at any time.