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Godło Polski

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One should question everything one can question, for this is the only way one can discover the unquestionable. 


Prof. Tadeusz Kotarbiński, the first Rector of the University of Lodz


Multiculturalism, social and economic changes and unbridled curiosity about the world have created a living body of the University with an interdisciplinary DNA. Focusing on a man and responding to local challenges that translate into global problems constitute our research priorities.


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    agreements with nearly 400 institutions within the Erasmus+ programme

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HR Excellence

The HR Excellence in Research logo is awarded to European institutions that provide scientists with possibly the best conditions of work and transparent recruitment processes in accordance with the principles set out by the European Commission. Our university received this prestigious title already in 2017. We continuously make every effort to support UL employees. Paraphrasing the words of the first Rector of the University, Professor Tadeusz Kotarbiński, we have always relied on and bet on what is most important in science - on a good job.



Socially Responsible University

University of Lodz is one of the first universities in Poland that have signed the Declaration of Social Responsibility. We are also the first public university in Poland to have signed the Diversity Charter. Through a number of projects, such as University Diversity, we are building academic community around the value of respect for cultural, religious and diverse identities, and around social sensitivity. We strive for integration and sharing our knowledge both with residents of the city and the region as well as with business – this way the University contributes to the improvement of social and economic well-being through research, teaching activities and public events.




Quickly progressing natural environment degradation causes that actions which influence inhibition of this process have become inseparable element of everyday life of each of us. Taking care of nature is no longer a favourably looked upon and not-obligatory gesture of goodwill. It has entered the sphere of obligations, which will have a real impact on the future of our planet. Such duties can be fulfilled individually but they can be also dealt with within a bigger community – such as an academic community. Get familiar with #BigLittleSteps that each of us takes with environment in mind. These simple eco-actions are performed every day by the community of UL out of concern for the future of…



Academic Support Centre

Starting the studies is a big change in one’s life. If it additionally involves moving to a different city one may feel lonely, lost or even frightened. During the studies it may be difficult to study a lot and cope with the stress related to examinations. Sometimes it also happens that problems that we face are not related to academic life but they make it difficult to learn and enjoy life. It is not something one should be ashamed of.


Psychologists from the University of Lodz, Academic Support Centre come to the rescue and help in more difficult moments.



Student Research Grants

This is a unique project that opens up new development opportunities to students interested in a scientific career. The project enables them to learn about specifics of submitting and settling applications for research funding. As part of the Student Research Grant, one may obtain funds for, among others: conducting one’s research, participation in scientific conferences, publishing a scientific article or a book, writing one’s BA or MA thesis as well as obtaining experience and knowledge related to the mechanisms of obtaining and accounting for grants.



Flowers? – No, thank you!

At the University of Lodz during defending diploma theses, members of the examination board receive cards created by proteges of three foundations from their students. A group of professors were originators of this action. As is customary, each year students buy flowers, which they give their promoters and reviewers of BA and MA theses, and the chairman of the board as an expression of their gratitude. It's a very nice gesture. However, buying three bouquets of flowers is a big expenditure. One should consider if flowers are the only possible way to say thank you and express your appreciation? We say no to giving flowers ... and we help those who need it most.



Thanks to funding the Memorial Prize of Professor Tadeusz Kotarbiński we have managed to create an inestimable value – a nationwide network of outstanding humanists, who will set the directions for science development in the future.