Bogumiła Wander–Baranowska

Journalist, TV presenter

Polish radio announcer and TV presenter, documentary film director. She began her career in the Łódź centre for Polish Television, which she joined through a competition held in the late 1960s. Her talent and beauty were soon recognised and she was hired in the Warsaw centre. From the mid-1970s, she announced live programmes on TVP1 and TVP2, and after the diversification of both channels in the 1980s, she remained on TVP1. She was an announcer at the Soviet Song Festival in Zielona Gora. 

In 1979 she took a break from television, leaving with her husband for Brussels. She returned in 1982 and later, in addition to her work as an announcer, she was also involved in art television production and the preparation of the cyclical ballet magazine Life on Pointe. 

In 1987, she took part in the production of Barbara Sass's film "W klatce" [In the Cage], playing herself. She worked as a presenter for the longest time, until 2003. She also hosted many large events, including the National Festival of Polish Song in Opole and the Sopot Festival.