Wymiana studencka w Kyungdong University Global, Korea Południowa

Is a trip to South Korea your dream? Now you have a chance to fulfil it! Kyungdong University Global (KDU Global) invites students of the University of Lodz to take part in a student exchange.

You can choose from a summer programme (July-August) or a semester programme (August-December).

Session I: Global Networking and Cultural Immersion:

  • will last from 15 July to 9 August 2024 (4 weeks).
  • provides an exciting environment for international and Korean students to establish networks, build friendships, and exchange cultures.
  • exposes participants to engaging and fun activities and sessions on contemporary vogues of South Korea including Korean language, culture, and history, K-Beauty, K-Pop, K-Cuisine, and K-Sports.
  • offers tours and trips to the most popular industrial and cultural sites around Korea! 

Session II: Global Student Mobility – Academic Semester:

  • will last from 26 August 2024 to 13 December 2024 (16 weeks – Fall’24 Semester).
  • makes it possible for international students to enrol to credit-yielding academic courses at KDU Global.
  • offers competitive specialisations in the fields of Business, Computer Science, Korean Studies, and Hospitality.
  • embodies exciting field trips throughout Korea.
  • also offers community service opportunities and cultural events. 

All qualified international students admitted to KGIP 2024 will be granted “KDU Global Scholarship” that fully covers the tuition fees, on-campus accommodation, breakfast (during Session I), and organisational costs for all field trips, activities, and events! 

Deadline to submit applications: 24 May 2024

How to apply? Apply via the website https://kgip.kduglobal.net/

Any questions? Write to kgip@kduglobal.net 

NOTE! Pre-accepted students must pay $250 as part of the application fee.