Her research and scientific interests take an interdisciplinary approach, combining knowledge of information technology and digital transformation with management practice. This is especially true in the area of application and development of modern technologies, automation and robotization and process management, as well as management of renewable energy development. She is the author of numerous publications on the development of ICT technologies in the energy industry, and changes in management in the Polish and European energy market, the development of Smart Grid and Smart Cities and the development of green HRM practices. For the past few years, she has been developing interests in HR and Green practices and spreading the values of sustainable social development.
Since 2016, she has been the head of the Department of Data Analysis and Intelligent Systems established at the UZ of Lodz, whose activities focus on the development of methods and tools for data analysis and intelligent systems in management. He is also the head of the Sustainability Research Center at the WZ of the University of Lodz, which aims to promote sustainability research in the social economic and environmental areas. Privately, he is interested in cognitive science, interpersonal communication and martial arts, including Aikido.
Topics for submitted dissertations are focused in the area of development of ICT tools for digital business, management systems and transformation in organizations caused by technological development, information technology and change management through business process management. A special area is ICT applications in HR, energy, and transformation and development of new business models for services in enterprises. Preferred specific topics such as the emergence of new services and business models in the energy sector, process improvements in organizations, implementation and development of IT management systems in organizations, automation and robotization of processes.


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