Opis studiów

Overview of the study programme

The study programme is addressed to people aspiring to work in an international and intercultural environment, both in global corporations and companies operating on domestic markets. The course addresses two key challenges and, at the same time, interests of the labor market, namely it develops the competencies of functioning in the digital environment, industry 4.0 or the Internet, as well as the ability to analyse and evaluate the operation of an organisation with emphasis on increasing efficiency. Contemporary business success is built on a synergistic combination of creativity with critical thinking, innovation, analytical view, and empathy, with the agility to make accurate decisions. In all these areas, access to reliable data and information becomes a key element. In the age of fake news, the ability to assess a situation based on credible data determines the effectiveness of management.

 Some characteristics of the study programme

There is a reason behind the saying that if you do not measure something, you cannot manage it. This belief is of particular importance in the digital world. Since the knowledge and skills of Business and Digital Analytics graduates can be used in various industries, the graduates of this programme will find employment in companies characterised by modern and professional management as well as operating in international and multicultural environments.

If you are considering your future in business world, especially in digital, it is worth having the following competences:

  • analysing data;
  • building measurement systems of websites, social media, or e-commerce activities;
  • designing business models in the digital sphere;
  • using data from available systems, e.g. Google Analytics;
  • assessing the effectiveness of market activities;
  • conducting market research in both the qualitative and quantitative dimensions;
  • doing financial analytics;
  • determining a company's value and its ability to compete;
  • analysing the profitability of business investments;
  • performing efficient and effective data visualisation;
  • preparing business reports;
  • applying new technologies and IT solutions to data analysis and visualisation.

Programme Council 

Robert Kozielski, Ph.D.
Aleksandra Majda-Kariozen, Ph.D.

Tomasz Czapla, Ph.D., Prof. Grzegorz Urbanek, Leszek Bohdanowicz, Ph.D., Magda Kotlarczyk, Country Director Google Poland at Google

Studia płatne. Opłaty za usługi edukacyjne UŁ.
Paid studies. Tuition fee rates.

Główne przedmioty

Examples of courses specific to this programme include:

  • Digital Applications for Business
  • Managerial Economics and Evidence-Based Management
  • Google Analytics
  • Logic Critical Thinking
  • Content and Community Management Analytics

Study programme

Sylwetka absolwenta

The key skills that the students will acquire during their studies include:

  • doing business analytics at the strategic and operational level (methods, techniques, models, solutions), also in relation to organisations operating in digital channels and media;
  • building new business models;
  • critical thinking;
  • assessing the reliability of data and the verifiability of data and information;
  • making effective decisions through the use of reliable information;
  • integrating knowledge from various sources and having an interdisciplinary approach to the analysis of business problems;
  • assessing the profitability of business investments, including long-term and short-term effects of market decisions;
  • using both the software and analysis tools related to business analytics in the digital sphere, data presentation, and dashboard construction.

Examples of positions and professions that the graduates will be able to fill include:

  • business analyst;
  • stock market analyst;
  • financial analyst;
  • website traffic analyst;
  • market trend analyst (cool hunter);
  • product manager;
  • brand manager, etc.

Zasady przyjęć

Absolwenci studiów licencjackich (równorzędnych) i magisterskich (równorzędnych) wszystkich kierunków studiów przyjmowani będą na podstawie pisemnego opracowania na wskazany temat oraz rozmowy kwalifikacyjnej w języku angielskim. W przypadku zbyt dużej liczby kandydatów, którzy pozytywnie przejdą rozmowę kwalifikacyjną, kolejnym kryterium naboru będzie konkurs dyplomów. Dziekan może odstąpić od konkursu dyplomów.


The programme is intended for a group of 30 students.

Participation in the programme requires that a tuition fee is paid by all students: from the EU (including Poland) and from outside of the EU.

Recruitment process for EU nationals:

The candidates who are EU nationals (including Polish nationals) are requested to register here.

Following the registration, please prepare a candidate statement in line with the instructions.
Send the statement to:

The interviews will be scheduled on July 21st, 2023. Candidates will be informed of the particular time of their interview. A single interview takes about half an hour.

Recruitment process for non-EU nationals:

The candidates who are not EU nationals are requested to register here.

When registering, please prepare and upload a candidate statement in the admission system together with your application.
Please prepare it in line with the instructions.

Attend the interview on the MS Teams platform. Candidates will be informed of the particular dates and times of their interviews. A single interview takes about half an hour to one hour.

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