Opis studiów

Overview of the study programme

The study programme covers the challenges, problems, and anthropogenic threats to the natural environment, as well as provides knowledge about modern environmental protection solutions for organisations of various types (business, public sector, social) and of different level of complexity. It also offers tools to develop the ability to organise activities focused on environmental aspects and the use of modern environmental management instruments.

Why this programme?

This M.A. programme in Environmental Management is a response to contemporary civilisational challenges, including the need to change production and consumption patterns as well as models and forms of management in business and public organisations in accordance with the paradigm of sustainable development. These challenges imply changes in the labour markets, where specialists with professional and interdisciplinary knowledge in the field of environmental protection and environmental management are increasingly sought after.


Programme Council 

Dominik Drzazga, PhD 
Beata Banachowicz, PhD  

Maciej Turała, PhD, Prof. Cristobal Miralles, Dominik Drzazga, PhD, Janusz Reichel, PhD, Beata Banachowicz, PhD, Agata Rudnicka-Reichel, PhD  

Studia płatne. Opłaty za usługi edukacyjne UŁ.
Paid studies. Tuition fee rates.

Główne przedmioty

  • Environmental Economics
  • Sustainable Development
  • Business Ethics and CSR
  • Smart Cities and Green Communicites
  • Environmental Technologies for the 21st Century
  • Business Models and Environmental Design

Study programme

Sylwetka absolwenta

The profile of the graduate

The graduate of our programme should be professionally prepared to manage organisations while taking into account environmental aspects as an integral part of the overall management system. In particular, they should:

  • have the awareness and knowledge of environmental problems in the organisation;
  • be able to correctly identify environmental aspects of any organisation’s activity;
  • be able to take decisions about the direction of an organisation’s development with the consideration of these decisions’ environmental impact;
  • have the ability to design the structure of an organisation in such a way as to reduce the physical pressure on the environment and optimise the use of natural resources;
  • be able to design and implement an environmental management system integrated with the overall management system of the organisation;
  • have the ability to appropriately select instruments and tools for solving environmental problems in organisations.

Zasady przyjęć

Absolwenci studiów licencjackich (równorzędnych) i magisterskich (równorzędnych) wszystkich kierunków studiów przyjmowani będą na podstawie pisemnego opracowania na wskazany temat oraz rozmowy kwalifikacyjnej w języku angielskim. W przypadku zbyt dużej liczby kandydatów, którzy pozytywnie przejdą rozmowę kwalifikacyjną, kolejnym kryterium naboru będzie konkurs dyplomów. Dziekan może odstąpić od konkursu dyplomów.


The programme is intended for a group of 30 students.

Participation in the programme requires that a tuition fee is paid by all students: from the EU (including Poland) and from outside of the EU.

Recruitment process for EU nationals:

The candidates who are EU nationals (including Polish nationals) are requested to register here.

Following the registration, please prepare a candidate statement in line with the instructions.
Send the statement to:

The interviews will be scheduled on July 19st, 2024. Candidates will be informed of the particular time of their interview. A single interview takes about half an hour.

Recruitment process for non-EU nationals:

The candidates who are not EU nationals are requested to register here.

When registering, please prepare and upload a candidate statement in the admission system together with your application.
Please prepare it in line with the instructions.

Attend the interview on the MS Teams platform. Candidates will be informed of the particular dates and times of their interviews. A single interview takes about half an hour to one hour.


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